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Tätä kuunneltu ny läpi uudelleen ja uudelleen ja uudelleen.. ja toimii kiitettävästi!

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HQ photos from “We Created The World”

Debyytti ulkona! Toimii! :)

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Happy 35th birthday Kimi!

So good ♥

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So apparently the Spanish paper Marca has reported how Kimi Räikkönen had been very drunk and acting inappropriately on a flight from Tokyo to Moscow after the Japanese Grand Prix, and now Ferrari would be very upset with him. (My Spanish is poor but it seems to be this article.) 

This also made headlines in Finland (x) but instead of checking the sources like proper journalists, they just copied Marca’s claims. 

Oskari Saari, the Finnish F1 commentator confirmed on his twitter that Kimi wasn’t even on the flight from Tokyo to Moscow, but from Nagoya to Helsinki, and “was asleep on the front row for the whole trip”. (x) Also, Kimi himself talked about being in Finland before flying to Sochi. Kimi’s spokesperson Riku Kuvaja also confirms this. (x)

So if you read some bogus rumors about Kimi, you can just ignore them, cos’ now you know better. (I’m getting so sick of tabloid media, honestly.) 

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I saw that gif today …


and I just knew I have to do it xD


Sorry I’m not sorry :P

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